Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Corner View ~ Overgrown

How delighted am I that my neighbors blackberrie bush is overgrown beyond it's boundaries and flows into my yard. We pick them in early morning for smoothies & yoghurt.

To see a global take on "overgrown" visit FuoriBorgo.


  1. What a friendly neighborhood!!
    Where smoothies `grow` on trees!!
    Its really beautiful approach to `overgrown` that you can share in the fruit!

  2. oh how lovely of your neighbor!
    Enjoy the smoothies.

  3. shame our neighbour's weedy berries have a garden in between to conquer (help! no!), or we could do the same.... bon app├ętit! n♥

  4. Lucky you to have your neighbor's blackberry bush stretching over your yard. I love blackberries, and these look plump and delicious.

    Have a splendid day.


  5. I love it when something like that happens or fig trees draping over fences so passerbys can enjoy free figs!

  6. I need to get MY neighbors to plant some :-)

  7. Yummy vision ;) and nice idea!



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