Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Corner View ~ Morning Light

I love when the blazing sun knocks on my door  asking if it can come in 

and sit awhile and warm the space

casting shadows, making fresh art on the wall.

I love how first morning light thoroughly warms my bones. For global" morning light" visit FuoriBorgo.

P.S. I'm putting together a Corner View list on my side bar, please leave me your link so I can add you. Thanks!


  1. How beautiful and playful your morning light!!

  2. PS
    That`s a good idea about the Corner View list. I need to update mine, thanks:)

  3. A beautiful light for a swwet life!
    Thanks for your side bar :)

  4. Holly, what a cool picture that first one is. It even has colors of the rainbow in the sunlight. The first morning light always warms my heart.


  5. fresh art is exactly the word for those moments, those quick and up images of sunlight painting of its own accord...
    what a capture...!

  6. what a beautiful way to be greeted to a new day!

  7. great morning light....I'd be energized to face any day, every day!