Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Corner View ~ Monochrome

La Bahia Apartments on 215 Beach Street, Santa Cruz, C.A. This historic mission style building built in  1926 is going to be demolished except the bell tower, to become a posh hotel. I will truly miss this nostalgic gem. Demolition hasn't started yet so on my next trip I must take more in depth photo's to have for posterity.

To view a global take on "monochrome" visit FuoriBorgo.


  1. How sad! I am going to be in Santa Cruz in a couple of weeks! Love that town.

  2. How sad! I am going to be in Santa Cruz in a couple of weeks! Love that town.

  3. there should be (economical) incentives, like tax deductions of some kind, to those who restructure old buildings instead of pouring new cement!

  4. Beautiful and poignant photo. I feel sad too that it will be taken down. I agree with Francesca about offering some kind of incentive to keep and restructure old buildings. I have watched so many buildings torn down in our neighborhood here in Japan too, and each time I get so sad. Now we have many tall buildings with no character and global shopping malls all over our small town in south Japan. OH, but I oughtn`t get started!! Its wonderful you will spend time there to take photos, and just show your love for the building that is there now and all the joy it has brought to the neighborhood and to your heart. I will pray for it now too, just to say thank you and I love it too even just from seeing it for this one moment in your post. Thank you for sharing. Perhaps that is all we can do?♡

  5. No! How sad. It's the perfect place for inspiring time traveling thoughts and stories. I need buildings like this around me to fill my head with wonderful mind candy.

  6. Oh no, I don't like to see old historic buildings being demolished. I love Santa Cruz, and we visit there often. It's such a fun town with views of the beautiful ocean right at your fingertips.

    It's going to be a hot one today, Holly. Stay cool.




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