Thursday, July 2, 2015

Summer Birthday Celebration

On Tuesday my lovely {L} turned double digits! That's right the big 10. Time seems to be flying by so fast especially on these hot summer days and splendid cooler summer nights. Last years birthday camp out went well and so {L} wished to have another one this year.

We set up tents and bought marshmallows for the campfire.... which never happened, it was still to hot at night for a fire. At least I have a stash for next time.

I made a quick camp sign out of the cardboard found at the bottom of the bottled water case. I had some scrap book pages in the craft cabinet and glued them on.

This bouquet came out beautifully. The roses are from the butterfly garden around the fountain. Lace and hot glue up- cycled my old spaghetti jar really nice. Add a solar light without the spike into the middle.

Simple patio set up. but enough to give a festive touch. Please excuse my gardening transplant pots on the side.

This is the result from the solar light, a luminescent nighttime bouquet. I definitely will experiment with these in the future.

The party went well under a magically lite sky by the Full Moon I special ordered just for her (wink).

This whole week has been pretty eventful and I'm really looking forward to this holiday weekend. We are trading in BBQ's and fireworks for sand, sun, and boardwalk fun. I wish you all a safe and sane Fourth of July.

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