Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Corner View ~ Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time a women sat on her back porch drinking coffee and soaking up early morning sun. She peered across her vast landscape and dreamt of a garden. A garden which would bring her great serenity and nourishment. The plot seemed desolate and void of growth as if the only blooming would occur inside the daydream.

Actions speak louder than words and images the mind creates. February brought with it Spring in Northern California, no time to waste, the work needed to produce the daydream must commence.  When the hard work to create is done you must have heavy doses of patience.

What was an "Once upon a time" thought over warm coffee and early morning pondering, became the stuff my dreams are made of. I finally got my little white picket fence too! As of this morning my tomato plants have tiny green orbs and I can't wait to take that first juicy bite  ripe off the vine.

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  1. Wow, this is hard and great work.

  2. a story garden and after a while you sure have a happy end!!!

  3. that is a once-upon-a-time for real! well done!! n♥

  4. Beautiful story of creation!!
    Otsukaresamade! (Japanese for something said after a job well done!)

  5. That's a lovely stroy :) And a beautiful garden, a little paradise.
    The sign, in my post means : Here, on April 17th 1891, nothing happened ;)
    Have a nice day.

  6. this is a dream come true! well done!

  7. Holly, I'm so impressed with your thoughts and dreams about a garden and actually making it come true by getting out there and digging deep under the earth. I have started a garden myself, and watching the flowers bloom has really made my spring. I like your white picket fence. Now, my small garden has roses, but my husband's has lots of veggies, and I can't wait to taste one of his homegrown tomatoes. Is there anything like it?

    Keep gardening, Holly. It does a body and mind good.




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