Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Summer Body Transformer 30 Day Challenge Intro

Summer has been in full swing with all it's blazing glory, and you know what that means right? Welcome to the season of less clothes and more exposed skin. I like to stay fit and healthy in general but it's been awhile since I've really worked out hard. In May I strained some muscles in my left shoulder and back that left me un-able to use weights for almost two months. I'm ready to get back in action and build some sexy muscles that I can flaunt at the beach and water park, seriously I have muscle tone envy of some body's I've seen.

A new 30 day challenge started yesterday called Summer Body Transformer 30 Day Challenge. The workout videos are available each day on YouTube. I've have day  2 under my belt already . I hope that by blogging my progress and some of my meal recipes I will stick with this.  Accountability is key for me to stay strong and motivated. So who is down to get fit with me? 30 days will come and go pretty fast but believe me you will definitely have something to show for it!

So here it is that "here in the now" before pic, complete with mommy stretchmarks and tubal ligation scar that looks like a second belly button. If your doing the challenge I suggest you take a before pic so you can see all your hard work and progress. Here's to gaining muscle tone and getting in healthy sexy shape.

Here's what I ate yesterday. I'm an Octo-Lavo Pescatarian Vegetarian, if that makes any sense.

. Morning coffee - 8 oz
. Water - 16 oz
. Breakfast        

Recipe : blend together 1 cup almond milk, 1 cup strawberries, 1 leaf kale, and 1 frozen banana


. Slimming Ginger mango Water - 16 oz
. Snack - 1 tbsp MaraNatha Almond Butter

. Lunch - Pasta Salad 1 1/2 cups
. Water - 16 oz

. Snack - Lemonade Monster Rehab

. Dinner - Green salad with veggies , chopped "Gadein" beefless tips, and Honey Mustard dressing
. Water- 16 oz

 Some days I eat more than others . It has been 100 degree days lately so I eat light.

 If your looking for a new workout challenge are wanting to get fit I hope you give it a try. Let me know so we can do this together! Have a happy healthy rest of the week.

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