Monday, July 7, 2014

W.I.C Meal Planner & Food Guide

Summer break has hurled me into chaotic unorganized days on end. I seriously do forget what day it is. Did I mention I'm a mother of four children age ranged from 13 yrs- 3 yrs old? Oh yes I would love to be one of those mother's with pearls and a pretty apron with an immaculate house and meals ready at a set time, calling June Cleaver. My truth is I make do with what I got and I'm pretty crafty about it if I do say so myself.

We are a one income family getting back on our feet, and all praises to  the universe that our situations have changed for the better. I participate in a county & community based program called W.I.C. WIC is a federally-funded health and nutrition program for women, infants, and children.  WIC helps families by providing checks for buying healthy supplemental foods from WIC-authorized vendors, nutrition education, and help finding health care and other community services. 

How grateful was I that at my last appointment these meal planner and food guides were available to take and use. These have really helped me to get organized and stay more on track with providing healthy whole meals for the kiddo's. 

If you participate in W.I.C. ask if they have these available. You get a whole thick pad full and they are two sided one with your menu and other side with guide. You may also right click and save to your computer for printing. If you feel that W.I.C. services may benefit you and your family follow this link Woman,Infants,Children

~ Salud & Namaste ~

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