Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Introduction to Yogi Cameron's ____the one plan____

Have you ever had a book that you pick up read a few pages put it away for awhile and then  later pick it up again? The same goes for a course of study your so excited to start and then can't follow through with. This is my scenario with Yogi Cameron's the one plan. The off and on with trying to get grounded into this book had nothing to do with it's content, but my own. Until very recently I had my mind clouded often by the influence of alcohol. I wasn't a stumbling drunk or someone who started the day of with it but consumption still consumed me. Why I chose to be toxic in my mind body and spirit I do not know and I will not blame  hereditary alcoholism. There is such a truth I do know and that is  my husband and I have made a commitment to ourselves and children that we will never go back to that which was so blinding. Seems I have gotten of course but it leads me to getting back into the course. I picked up the book again, and now with my new found self I can begin.

Let me introduce you to the one plan. 


What if you could follow a program that, like in so many other books, helped you get results in only a couple of weeks? As with these other programs, you could lose weight, attract more beneficial relationships, and find a greater state of balance in very little time. But what if, on top of all that, the program helped you create not just a fast change, but a permanent one? What if you had a plan that has all the benefits of a short-term overhaul but with the guidance necessary to ensure that it's the last program you'll ever need?
Over two thousand years ago, the Indian sage Patanjali compiled what we now know as The Yoga Sutras, a concise text that forms the basis of everything we know today about the philosophy of the yogic path. In The One Plan, Yogi Cameron lays out a fifty-two-week structure based on Patanjali's teachings as well as the ancient medical system of Ayurveda; it delivers the proven authenticity of an ancient path but has been adapted to take your life in the modern world into account.
As a practical and accessible guide to help you improve your life, The One Plan will provide you with specific exercises and regimens for crafting an effective daily routine, tips and reminders for becoming truly grounded in that routine, real-life stories and inspiration, practical tools for responding to life's inevitable struggles and setbacks, and even a section on eating the Ayurveda way. By following the One Plan, you will live a life of health, balance, and purpose.
Your commitment to the One Plan may last fifty-two weeks, but the changes you make will last a lifetime.
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I started this new journey on Monday March 3rd 2014, and I'm excited to share this new aspect of my spiritual awakening with you. 

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