Saturday, March 1, 2014

In The Now - March Edition

Making: plans for home and yard organization
Cooking :  clean eating and vegetarian meals for the entire family (wink)
Drinking : more water and herbal teas
Reading:  "the one plan"
Wanting:   recycled resources for projects
Looking:    slimmer
Playing:   mix 96 on the radio  
Wasting:    time
Sewing:     currently nothing, I have to re-learn my sewing machine
Wishing:   I had more knowledge on my fields of studies I wish to dip into
Enjoying:  computer time
Waiting:    for more luck to come into my life
Liking:      my new found confidence
Wondering:  what my finances will be in the future
Loving:    my family and extended circles
Hoping:   to win the lottery
Marvelling: how much change occurs when you make small shifts
Needing:    time to meditate
Smelling:  fresh earth soaked by rain
Wearing:   comfy yoga pants and sweater
Following: a new daily routine
Noticing:  when you change the way you look at things the things you look at change
Knowing:  there is always calm after the storm
Thinking:  what can I do to be a blessing to others
Feeling:     a weekend trip to Santa Cruz would uplift my soul
Bookmarking:  everything 
Opening:  my mind to alternate health and healing
Giggling:   at the silly things my kids say
Feeling:  Free................ My husband and I have been sober for a month and we are debt free!

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  1. I love this, perfect for March/spring. May I steal the idea for my blog?