Sunday, February 9, 2014

My Coffee Alternate

There's just something about that hot cup of java first thing in the morning, a habit I've been partaking in for about 14 years. I didn't even like coffee until I became pregnant with my first child. So the morning usual is a cup consisting of instant Nescafe Clasico with a stevia packet and dollop of flavored creamer. In my journey to healthier living I was searching for an alternate. Thus came an Ayurvedic alternate that I love just as much as coffee that has healing properties. I proudly introduce to you Turmeric Almond Milk.

Ingredients:       .  1 cup almond milk
                        .  1/2 tsp turmeric
                        .  1/2 inch ginger chopped (you will strain this out later)
                        .  pinch of cinnamon
                        .  pinch of cardamom
                        .  dash of cayenne pepper
                        .  1/2 -1 tsp honey

Method:         1.  pour the cup of almond milk into a small pot and put on low heat
                     2.  add the rest of  the ingredients to the pot
                     3.  continue to simmer on low and stir to integrate spices
                     4.  take off stove once you see bubbles
                     5.  strain into your favorite mug and enjoy

Some health benefits of ingredients

ALMOND MILK  . no cholesterol or saturated fat  . 50%  daily amount of vitamin E

TURMERIC         . natural antiseptic . liver detoxify . anti-inflammatory . speeds up wound healing

GINGER              . gastrointestinal reliever . immune booster  . nausea reliever

CINNAMON        . regulates blood sugar  . reduces arthritis pain  . contains fiber, calcium, iron

CARDAMOM      . treats mouth ulcers . relieves bloating and heartburn  . freshens breath

CAYENNE          . cleansing & detoxifying . anti fungal . migraine headache prevent

HONEY               . reduces throat irritation,  probiotic . blood sugar regulator


  1. Okay, wow. I am so going to try that. It sounds wonderful. Thank you for sharing the recipe. Blessings, Bird

  2. This sounds great. I will try it, though I don`t think I can find almond milk here in the South Japan! Maybe with soy milk…thanks, and I love your orange butterfly in the post above!!♡



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