Saturday, February 8, 2014

Much Needed Water

I'm looking out my bedroom window and excited that it's grey gloomy and raining. I live in Northern California and it has been declared a drought year. We have had consecutive 4 days of rain but I doubt it will bring us to needed levels. The week to come is also going to be a wet one. So I'm dreaming of fresh spring earth ( I love that smell) and planting a garden for sustenance.

This much needed water will make the soil supple for up earthing and tilling for our gardens. I have big dreams but no actual plan of what exactly is going where. Until then I have been having fun hydroponically growing in the kitchen window. I just drop the roots in plain sink water.

Welcome to my laboratory! Yep that's my dry barren back yard in the background. See why I say little urban homestead, .24 acres of yard and 988 sq feet of home for 6. We are definitely comfy cozy on these days when we can only be inside. Of course I could have the kids go dance in the rain which they did the day before the rain started (wink). Okay back to the window garden. It's quite easy, the celery, lettuce and chives were store bought and when used for cooking I chopped about 2 in. above the root base and added to a container of water. I love to see the emergence of fresh growth. This is a great science lesson for my 3 year old and the older kids alike. The garlic sprouted in a molcajete sitting near the sink. The container on the far right is tomato buds also cultivated from a store bought tomato.

Until I can actually go get my hands into the earth, I will reveal in the little things such as my little green kitchen garden. Green Blessings to all of you. The crazy weather were all experiencing in our neck of the woods or part of the world will soon pass to bring about natures abundances.

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  1. We woke up to rain this morning and it was lovely! I'm in Northern Nevada so I feel you pain with the drought!! I love your little window garden. I really need to do that with celery and chives!!!



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