Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Corner View ~ In The Distance

In the distance a couple are strolling the beach barefoot, crazy boys are submerged in cold ocean water, a women is posing for the perfect shot, men are un-afraid to hold hands, a long gaze and gentle embrace are taking place,  brothers are awaiting a wave to splash upon them, ships are sailing the Pacific's sunny salty breeze with a view of the boardwalk and Monterey Mountains. In the distance people are screaming in delight as their senses are peeked by thrill rides. Seagulls are culling for food and water is lapping at sand. In this moment I'm euphoric with all I am surrounded by especially the love radiating from my family as we enjoy our getaway in Santa Cruz .

Corner view is a Wednesday weekly appointment hosted by Francesca, where bloggers from around the globe share their view on a pre-arranged theme.


  1. Looks like a perfectly wonderful moment in a beautiful setting! The couple embracing in the background is pretty cute. So much "life" going on in one photo!

  2. Beautiful family, beautiful setting, beautiful words!

  3. There is a lot of good energy here, in the distance and in the foreground.

  4. a lot is happening in the distance! and who took the photo from so close by of you and your family? ( just being curious!)
    i have not been to santa cruz, but who knows....maybe one day! at this moment the distance is to far!

    1. Hi Susi, a woman enjoying the beach while her family was on rides took our photo. I think she enjoyed her little solitude from her family and observed mine:)

  5. You have such a cute family. Picture perfect!


  6. so many things happening in the distance ... i love it!!



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