Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October Overhaul

 Fall is officially here and I'm back from a small blogger hiatus. A lot of general everyday housewife and Mommy stuff  has kept me away for a bit. The winds of change are blowing in a month of changes for me. In our family we have a multitude of birthdays, our wedding anniversary, a Quince, and of course Halloween. I want to be able to survive it all and feel great doing it.

I have to confess I indulged to much this Summer and now I'm paying for it. Living care free in the moment with BBQ's, parties, drinking etc...has taken it toll. This is why I know declare October to be the month I get back on track and get back to a vibrant healthy smaller me. I will be blogging about this fitness journey.

I'm tracking my nutrition and fitness at SparkPeople, come and join me in fun and fitness!  As of today I started the 30 Days of Fit Food and Count Down To Skinny Jeans Challenges. I will be posting my 30 days of recipes for anyone who wishes to give it a go. The recipes may be tweaked to my originality and what I have on hand. As for working out I have recently discovered the hyper energetic Cassey Ho. She is so motivating and bonus ...all here videos are available on Youtube! I'm participating in #abtoberfest, catchy isn't it?

Super motivated today, most people are on Day 1, oh yes a whole month to go! I'll keep you posted. Happy new beginnings to you all. Do already know what your going to be for Halloween?


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  1. October is a busy month for me too......Jess' birthday, pumpkin carving contest, and Apple Hill. I'm sure you're familiar with this wonderful place. That's great that you are starting a fitness program. Good luck with it, and I hope you get where you want to be.

    Happy October!




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