Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thrift Store Fall Fashion

Oh yes I must admit I love "Goodwill Hunting", I am a self proclaimed Thrift Store Diva and have been since birth. Okay maybe that last part since birth can be credited to my Mom. Funny how people have shows now for doing the same thing I've done for years. So I got an itch one morning, actually it was a reaction to me opening drawers and looking in the closet and shouting " I have nothing to wear"! I have clothes of course but nothing I'm excited about. And Fall starts this weekend right? Off to the thrift store we go. I was originally going to treasure hunt at a Goodwill Industries but remembered that Halloween is in full effect and they seem to make anything a costume item and mark up the prices. I tried out a newly opened Pacific Thrift Shop. A small store that was quite and not crowded so I could take my time looking through the racks. Here is my new fall wardrobe additions.

Grand Total $28.00 !!!

*I'm hoping to score Gypsy skirts and boots on my next shopping trip.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, the green shoes are cute, and I love the "Love Not War" shirt. You found some great stuff. I need to get some new Fall clothes too.




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