Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Merry Little Christmas

As I sit here looking at the grey morning out my window I'm in flashes and remembrance of the year that is swiftly coming to a close. This year has had it's ups and downs to say the least. This past month has been the total kicker and hardest month of the whole year. I can sit  here and ask the whys of it all but I won't, I simply won't. The New Year is coming at the end of the day and along with it  new opportunities and life experiences .

We did have a Merry Little Christmas. Struggle seems to pull my little tribe closer together like a tight knit blanket, and really that's all I want is for my family to be together and emanate love. So would you like to see how our holidays went?

Welcome to our  Christmas homestead.

I love the log bundle I made on the front porch, gives it a rustic feel ( even though we don't have a fireplace) 

We had to decorate ourselves as well. Here's my Holly-Jolly nails.

My youngest daughter wanted reindeer, my first time doing nail art on such a small surface.

My munchkin making healthy oatmeal cookies.

Santa didn't stay full very long, the kids snuck cookies left and right.

Art session and homemade wrapping paper all in one.

My son's hanging ornaments on the tree.

And the stockings were hung....

The girls making gingerbread cookies on Christmas Eve.

Gingerbread men and candy canes, they were thoroughly enjoy without frosting.

Christmas Eve tradition of drinking hot chocolate and watching "Polar Express".

Time to put out the cookies!

There were gifts for the children under the tree on Christmas morning.

Yay she found the Christmas pickle! New set of chalk was the prize.

From my family to yours hope you had a very Merry Christmas & A Blessed New Year.

*P.S  I'm looking out the window again, the sun  is out and the future looks bright.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Seeing is Believing

Polar Express is one of my favorite Christmas movies. There is a scene where the boy is on top of the train with the spirit of Christmas disguised as a hobo with a Santa hat, and he tells him "seeing is believing". Faith on the the other hand is belief in the unseen, and that faith is as tiny as a mustard seed . I decided to not dredge along these days even though the lay off has sent us in a spin of uncertainty. I reached out to my friends and family on facebook to keep us in their prayers and to let me know if they knew of any job opportunities in my husbands line of work. It didn't take long before my cell phone was buzzing with messages of encouragement, kind words and possible jobs for my husband to look into. The very next day my husband went to apply for a job with his Uncle and he was hired and worked the same day.

I'm so grateful and feel blessed that the collective of faith and love yielded a quick turn around from nothing to something new. We are still having our pioneer Christmas and learning to live different than what we were accustomed to, but life is about the journey and not the destination. I wish everyone a blessed holiday season and may your Christmas wishes come true.

Do you believe in the magic & miracles of Christmas? I sure do! I believed and now I see.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Pioneer Christmas

Receiving an envelope can be  exciting especially around Christmas time. An envelope from your employer at the beginning of December makes you think that maybe all your hard work is paying off and is noticed by the company or........ it can be a lay off notice! Happy Merry F*%^#$ Christmas to us.

We live a simple resourceful life on a paycheck to paycheck basis always. So how is it going to be living on no income and no resources to pay the bills and other life expenses. This has brought me to name this post a Pioneer Christmas because that's exactly how it is going down. Our family is strong and we will somehow survive this, but starting off a new year without money is going to be pretty tough to say the least. I will be blogging this journey about the ways we are pioneering through.

If you believe in the power of prayer and that Christmas Miracles do occur please remember us.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Stale chips are for the birds

Ever run into the situation when you go to grab some chips and found they have gone stale? Or maybe the little chips at the bottom of the bag are to small to enjoy? Don't throw them out make them into a meal for your feathered friends.

I throw the chips in a zip lock bag and smash them into tiny pieces. This also fun for children to do.

The meal is then stored in a recycled glass jar and put into the bird feeders as needed. Yard birds really do enjoy this stuff as much as the wild bird seed.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Back from a Halloween induced Hiatus

Seems like I have fallen off the planet, well at least when it comes to bloglandia. A Halloween hiatus has taken over the last of October and into the first weeks of November. We had our fair share of birthdays, anniversary's, party's , dental appointments, school events, the list goes on and on. Besides all the outer curricular activities the home and children keep me busy and away from the computer.

 Dressed up for a Halloween Party

My Munchkin turned 3.

 I feel that November is a time to cozy down and enjoy the comforts of home. My home as of late is not to comfy, more of the clutter and chaotic scene. This has brought me to the realization that something must be done. I'm embarking on a new adventure of minimalism that will probably keep me busy and not so much blogging, but I'll try to squeeze in what I'm doing and how things are going in the process. I hope everyone is enjoying the new month of Thanks before that other holiday takes over every one's mind. Blessing to new endeavours.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Broomsticks On The Bayou

 Well hello there. I see you have managed to get you hands on the invite that has been blowing around the Bayou and beyond. I'm Madame Ortiz your tour guide to some wicked New Orleans Fare. Grab your broomsticks and lets take a ride.
Those splendid souls Marfi & Anna are always throwing the most extravagant parties and extending invites to all. Keep your invite tight you will need it to visit New Orleans.
 We have arrived at our first destination. There are many shops here in the French Quarter ,this Voodoo shop belongs to my twin Gypsy Rose.
Ah it's nice to see new faces. Come on in and take a look around , may you find what your true heart need and desires.

Voodoo and spiritualism go hand in hand. May you wish to summon angels and saints to assist?Or maybe protect thyself with a cross talisman. Your welcome to light a candle and ask Zadkiel to calm the brewing storm within your heart and mind. Maybe a card  pull for a question you've be pondering?
Here's a sample of herbs and spices for a delicious meal or maybe to conjure up something more in the way of a spell. I have plenty more jars in the back if there is something specific you have in mind.
Ah yes down to the gris-gris. Feel free to choose what it is you need for what you wish to seek. Not quite sure what goes in?
Perhaps a pre-made Mojo is what is in order. You must whisper to me what it is for so I can send you with the right one before you leave out the door.
As for the Voodoo dolls they always fly right off the shelf, here's a kit so you can make it yourself. Lavender is good to work with so those workings can be purified and blessed.

Everyone around here has those plastic beads and let's not mention how they are aquiered why not adorn yourself with beautiful handmade necklaces which are truly charming.
Wish to purify before a ritual. These sage bundles are a magical herbal blend. The feather fan is perfect for spreading the cleansing smoke as your prepare your ritual space.
New tarot cards in order? It is a full hunters moon after all perfect time for divination and connecting to your spirit as well as others.
Speaking of spirits don't forget to take these Blessed Lucky 7 dimes to your next destination 1400 Washington Ave, New Orleans L.A. Lafayette Cemetery No.1.

It's time to pay respect and homage to our Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau. Place your three x's and make your wish. Don't forget to leave your coins as a gift in exchange for your wish granted. Do you hear that drumming and humming? Don't look now but here slithers a snake with a smile in it's eyes. Here is were I must leave you wicked darlings I have many a party's to attend.

Friday, October 18, 2013

These boots are made for flying

 Thanks for flying over for a visit on this lovely Full Hunters Moon . The challenge is to alter a  shoe but I'm extremely partial to boots! These are  my boots that are worn regularly so they were altered in a way to be able to have them back to there original witchy state.



 I hope you enjoyed my wicked wear. I'm off to stir up some magik in the city tonight with my husband to celebrate our 11 year Wedding Anniversary. Crazy it falls on the full moon centered around relationships. I'll try not to party to hard or stay out to late, I have a feeling I may have more patrons than usual stopping by  my Voodoo Shop tomorrow. Won't you come and take a peek?

Special thanks to the hostess with the mostest Celia of Adventures of the Striped Stockings for creating the Altered Witch Shoe challenge.

Stop on by her blog and check out other awesome creative souls and their creations. Have a blessed Friday and a fun filled weekend.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Haunted Humpday ~ Getting Spooky Little by Little

I was hoping to share my Halloween home decor with you this week but that process is going so slow, Motherhood comes first over the things I want to do but I'm getting a few things done little by little.

~How To Antique Apothecary Labels~

First step is to brew some green tea and add a few instant coffee granules to give a darker color. Go visit The Graphics Fairy  and print up some labels and any other Halloween goodies that strike your fancy.

Soak the labels for about and hour. The longer you soak the richer the color.
Put the paper outside in the sun to completely dry. 

Cut out the labels with crafting scissors for a decorative edge. 

Here's the beginning of my project with bottles. These will look so much better when finished but look awesome when the sun hits them through the kitchen window.

~Moisturizing Boo Bar~

To make this soap you need a small soap bar and essential oil. I used by home pressed lavender oil. Shred the bar and add a few drops of oil. Mix in a bowl and put in the microwave for 15-20 seconds to soften. Stir and pour into a mold.

Let the soap cool completely and then pop out of the mold. 

 My kids were surprised to see this lil guy in the bathroom. I re-used a coffee lid as a soap holder.

~Mad Lab Zombie Head~

This used to be a full zombie with motion sensor, eyes glowing, arms moving, and scary groaning.The kids literally loved him to pieces and we were left with only his head. After being kicked around as a soccer ball and thrown at each other zombie head dodge ball style I rescued him and give him a permanent home. I finally found a reuse for my big Sam's club pretzel jar. Zombie head was hallow so I filled it with rocks and submerged him in green food colored water. Top Ramen in a jar makes a perfect brain specimen.

Want to hear something a little creepy? This is true what I'm about to tell you. I told my toddler to go get his shoes from his closet. He told me "no Mommy I'm scared to go in my room the caramel Mama is there on my bed". Disney channel has been running Halloween shows so I thought he might be referring to something he just watched. When my son told me the lady had a scarf wrapped around her head and refereed to her as having caramel skin I nearly jumped out of my own. Maybe all this preparing for Broomsticks on the Bayou has conjured up Marie Laveau. A cold breeze just swept past my shoulders as I write this!

Halloween is almost here!!!!!  Fly on over to Marfi's and enjoy more haunted fun.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Haunted Halloween Doll Challenge

Well hello there and welcome to Gypsy Spirit Rising. I'm Mexitali Rose here to weave a web of history for you. This story is short.....but not so sweet.

Little Miss Marie Antoinette sat quietly sipping her tea

along came a spider that decided to bite her, and the rest you know is history.

Poor Antoinette has lost her head

I think she's lovelier bitten and dead.

Thanks to Kim of tabithalenox.blogspot.com for hosting and creating the Haunted  Halloween Doll Challenge.

TabithaLenox Haunted Halloween Doll Challenge


Photography and art unless otherwise noted and credited is sole property of Gypsy Spirit Rising. If you would like to use photos or content please contact me before use and credit would be appreciated. If in anyway I have used your content without proper credit or use please let me know. I love the creative collaboration that makes up the blogging community, lets continue to contribute to the world in our own special way.
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