Saturday, October 19, 2013

Broomsticks On The Bayou

 Well hello there. I see you have managed to get you hands on the invite that has been blowing around the Bayou and beyond. I'm Madame Ortiz your tour guide to some wicked New Orleans Fare. Grab your broomsticks and lets take a ride.
Those splendid souls Marfi & Anna are always throwing the most extravagant parties and extending invites to all. Keep your invite tight you will need it to visit New Orleans.
 We have arrived at our first destination. There are many shops here in the French Quarter ,this Voodoo shop belongs to my twin Gypsy Rose.
Ah it's nice to see new faces. Come on in and take a look around , may you find what your true heart need and desires.

Voodoo and spiritualism go hand in hand. May you wish to summon angels and saints to assist?Or maybe protect thyself with a cross talisman. Your welcome to light a candle and ask Zadkiel to calm the brewing storm within your heart and mind. Maybe a card  pull for a question you've be pondering?
Here's a sample of herbs and spices for a delicious meal or maybe to conjure up something more in the way of a spell. I have plenty more jars in the back if there is something specific you have in mind.
Ah yes down to the gris-gris. Feel free to choose what it is you need for what you wish to seek. Not quite sure what goes in?
Perhaps a pre-made Mojo is what is in order. You must whisper to me what it is for so I can send you with the right one before you leave out the door.
As for the Voodoo dolls they always fly right off the shelf, here's a kit so you can make it yourself. Lavender is good to work with so those workings can be purified and blessed.

Everyone around here has those plastic beads and let's not mention how they are aquiered why not adorn yourself with beautiful handmade necklaces which are truly charming.
Wish to purify before a ritual. These sage bundles are a magical herbal blend. The feather fan is perfect for spreading the cleansing smoke as your prepare your ritual space.
New tarot cards in order? It is a full hunters moon after all perfect time for divination and connecting to your spirit as well as others.
Speaking of spirits don't forget to take these Blessed Lucky 7 dimes to your next destination 1400 Washington Ave, New Orleans L.A. Lafayette Cemetery No.1.

It's time to pay respect and homage to our Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau. Place your three x's and make your wish. Don't forget to leave your coins as a gift in exchange for your wish granted. Do you hear that drumming and humming? Don't look now but here slithers a snake with a smile in it's eyes. Here is were I must leave you wicked darlings I have many a party's to attend.


  1. A very enchanting visit! I had been thinking about getting a white sage stick because the scent puts me in a good mood, but I neglected to consider a fan. Come, visit and share my New Orleans memories at The Gratitude of Ms. Lilypads

  2. You look very sassy, and what lovelies you're showing. Thanks for having me over!

  3. A delightful visit. I know I shall return as there is much I wish to purchase.

  4. In Brazil, we don't have Voodoo but we have Umbanda, Candomblé and Quimbanda.They are considered Pagan Religions. They have the same Orishas that are found in Voodoo. I'd love to visit New Orleans. Lovely post!

  5. You are so cute! I love your party, and I have no idea if I placed the three red x's on Marie's tomb what I'd ask for....

    Please visit my Broomsticks on the Bayou Party!
    Ricki Jill
    Art @ Home

  6. Thank you for a lovely time! It was a wonderful visit. Hope to see you at the Cottage soon.
    Hugs and Sparkles

  7. What a Fun and wonderful party!

    Thank you,

  8. Beautiful party, thank you so much, I had a most magickal time!

  9. Love your post (and background too)! I feel like I just walked into a deliciously wicked shop in the French Quarter. It was wonderful to meet your 'twin' and get a tour. Thank you for sharing. I hope you enjoyed the party and the weekend's full moon. Have a great week!


  10. Beautiful party!
    Those necklaces are are all the other incredible goodies:)
    Many thanks to Madame Ortiz and gypsy rose for attending...
    Now come closer so that I may whisper my heart's desire!



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