Friday, November 8, 2013

Back from a Halloween induced Hiatus

Seems like I have fallen off the planet, well at least when it comes to bloglandia. A Halloween hiatus has taken over the last of October and into the first weeks of November. We had our fair share of birthdays, anniversary's, party's , dental appointments, school events, the list goes on and on. Besides all the outer curricular activities the home and children keep me busy and away from the computer.

 Dressed up for a Halloween Party

My Munchkin turned 3.

 I feel that November is a time to cozy down and enjoy the comforts of home. My home as of late is not to comfy, more of the clutter and chaotic scene. This has brought me to the realization that something must be done. I'm embarking on a new adventure of minimalism that will probably keep me busy and not so much blogging, but I'll try to squeeze in what I'm doing and how things are going in the process. I hope everyone is enjoying the new month of Thanks before that other holiday takes over every one's mind. Blessing to new endeavours.

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