Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Haunted Humpday ~ Getting Spooky Little by Little

I was hoping to share my Halloween home decor with you this week but that process is going so slow, Motherhood comes first over the things I want to do but I'm getting a few things done little by little.

~How To Antique Apothecary Labels~

First step is to brew some green tea and add a few instant coffee granules to give a darker color. Go visit The Graphics Fairy  and print up some labels and any other Halloween goodies that strike your fancy.

Soak the labels for about and hour. The longer you soak the richer the color.
Put the paper outside in the sun to completely dry. 

Cut out the labels with crafting scissors for a decorative edge. 

Here's the beginning of my project with bottles. These will look so much better when finished but look awesome when the sun hits them through the kitchen window.

~Moisturizing Boo Bar~

To make this soap you need a small soap bar and essential oil. I used by home pressed lavender oil. Shred the bar and add a few drops of oil. Mix in a bowl and put in the microwave for 15-20 seconds to soften. Stir and pour into a mold.

Let the soap cool completely and then pop out of the mold. 

 My kids were surprised to see this lil guy in the bathroom. I re-used a coffee lid as a soap holder.

~Mad Lab Zombie Head~

This used to be a full zombie with motion sensor, eyes glowing, arms moving, and scary groaning.The kids literally loved him to pieces and we were left with only his head. After being kicked around as a soccer ball and thrown at each other zombie head dodge ball style I rescued him and give him a permanent home. I finally found a reuse for my big Sam's club pretzel jar. Zombie head was hallow so I filled it with rocks and submerged him in green food colored water. Top Ramen in a jar makes a perfect brain specimen.

Want to hear something a little creepy? This is true what I'm about to tell you. I told my toddler to go get his shoes from his closet. He told me "no Mommy I'm scared to go in my room the caramel Mama is there on my bed". Disney channel has been running Halloween shows so I thought he might be referring to something he just watched. When my son told me the lady had a scarf wrapped around her head and refereed to her as having caramel skin I nearly jumped out of my own. Maybe all this preparing for Broomsticks on the Bayou has conjured up Marie Laveau. A cold breeze just swept past my shoulders as I write this!

Halloween is almost here!!!!!  Fly on over to Marfi's and enjoy more haunted fun.


  1. Oh, I've been wondering if one can melt and reshape normal bar soap. Thanks for the tutorial, the ghost is great!

  2. That looks suspiciously like a Jello mold, doesn't it! What a great idea for bathroom seasonal decor.
    Great Zombie rescue! Or I could see his next incarnation as a candle holder!

  3. I love your decorated bottles and the idea of coloring the labels with green tea, must give that a try, I been having a go at a few bottles for myself but so behind with decorating up this year, not even got the tree up yet. That little ghosty soap looks so cute too.

    J x

  4. how in the world did i miss this???I'm so sorry!!!
    it's such a cute post!
    I love the labels and the soap..and oh the zombie head is perfect in there.although a game of zombie head dodge ball sounds fun, lol
    the caramel colored lady....this sounds like a super scary story about to happen...eek!
    thanks for playing and I apologize for being so darn late!



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