Thursday, August 26, 2021

Evolution of Change

 Transformation, the necessary shifts to become new or experience a re-birth. The butterfly and the many metamorphic changes to gain your wings comes to mind. On my personal soul journey I have recently been taking blows from the Universe. My social media identity and online presence has taken a hit. Gypsy is deemed a slur across the board and "Gypsy Spirit Rising" has been my self expression for years. Alas I had been advised to change my branding or be banned from some social media outlets I enjoy. Another deep taking away from my soul is the fact I will not be able to work the Texas Renaissance Festival this year due to mandatory vaccination and new regulation for us Rennies running the show. This will be the first time in 3 years since I've not worked fall weekends.

So what shall this Gypsy whose spirit has risen to a higher plane of existence do? I'm walking the plank and diving off the deep end. And as the water hits my face and my whole body immerses into the water, I swim deeper into the abyss. My eyes open and I ponder all that lies beneath the surface and discover the cleansing and quenching of water for this Summer has burned me with it's fire. Emerging back to surface as my higher self into Dreamy Boheme. Will you continue this journey with me? Same soul, but elevated spirit. Welcome to Dreamy Boheme's Into the Mystic .

Some found nature while tending to my gardens.


  1. Oh, your blog name, Gypsy Spirit Rising, is what has drawn me to your site all these years. Like you, I have a Gypsy heart. But change is always good, and Yes, I'll follow along with you. That's too bad you can't do the Renaissance Festival this year, but you have many talents, Holly, and I'm sure you will follow your heart venturing into many more adventures.


  2. I love that your spirit is elevated. I think we all need rebirth at different times in our lives. I am a newer follower and will follow you for sure. Blessings- Diana

  3. There are often times along life's path when change is needed.
    Take care.
    Happy September Wishes.

    All the best Jan

  4. Change can be a wonderful thing. And of course I'll stick around.