Since moving to Texas whenever we mention we're from California ,everybody ask or assumes we're from Los Angeles. Actually in all my 37 years of being a Californian I've never been to L.A.
Last month we went on a  mission during a hurricane approaching our gulf coast, heading to wildfires in our home state ,smack in the middle of a pandemic! Time is of the essence when life grabs you by the throat, and Mama Bear don't play when it comes down to protecting the tribe at all cost.

On the return trip back home as we were heading out of California, I asked my daughter how far was the nearest beach. Santa Cruz and San Francisco were out of the question because of the fires and we were in So Cal already. Red Hot Chili Peppers singing about under the bridge and a 45 minute away response from the back seat had me mapping us down to Venice Beach. We didn't come all this way not to touch the sand and feel the power of the Pacific Ocean we miss so much.

It's crazy how  Pandora just kept playing music as we were driving through L.A. about the places we were passing by.  A spiritual journey pathed us on the destination. When life gets so synchronistic you stop questioning if what you chose to do was right. Go with the flow, time is but a construct at some pivotal points in life.

Friday morning work traffic in Los Angeles is crazy, but we made it down to Venice Beach.The first thing you see is homeless tent cities everywhere, and the transients roaming around. Being from the hood, we knew what to expect. We were called Rats and asked if we were having a nice f*$%ing day from a woman who thought we were following here. In retrospect we were also blessed by a man who showed gratitude for $2.00 towards a cup of coffee.

First kiss of the day, with gratitude that we are all together as a family again. Behind us is a Mark di Suvero sculpture called "Declaration".  I declare that nothing about this day was planned, but I was feeling blessed as the sea breeze filled my lungs under clear blue sky's at the beach, under the golden California sunshine.


VENICE GRAFFITI WALLS   Location- Ocean Front Walk Venice, C.A. 90291




SANTA MONICA PIER  Location-200 Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, C.A. 90401

PRIDE LIFEGUARD STATION  Location-998 Ocean Walk Front 90291



"LUMINARIES OF PANTHEISM"  Location-2201 Ocean Front Walk -Paradise Project

RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS location- Speedway & 19th Venice, C.A.

 Location- 1811 Ocean Front Walk Speedway & 18th Place, Venice C.A.

So now when it comes up as us being Californians in Texas we can say "no we are not from Los Angeles but we've been there"........... and Arizona & New Mexico. They are the roads that lead back home in either direction.

P.S.  Although California was and still is on fire, we didn't encounter any flames directly, the hurricane had missed our neck of the woods, and the mission that spurred this roadtrip is an ongoing journey.