Let me just express how grateful I am that January's mental storms have passed. I'm doing much better and have ramped up my creative productivity again. Plus February just seems to be flying by. We will celebrate Valentines night going to a movie, then enjoying homemade cupcakes when we get home. I want to share with you some of the humble offerings for home I've been working on, just in times for Valentines Day !


I'm one who saves old candle stubs and wax from the scented melts used in warmers. My cabinet was getting pretty full from this collecting. Wicks are expensive in store, and this year I'm on a mission to use what I have at home instead of consumerism, when possible. Miscellaneous string was dredged through wax and then dried to make wicks. Tin and tuna cans make great candle containers.

 MELT   &   POUR
and now for the creations.....


~  RISE  &  SHINE  ~



 and one more project...

I found these wine corks in the back of the cabinet. Pieces of a former life if you will.  Still rocking that sobriety! I glued milagros from jewelry making onto the cork. Now I'm putting them to use as wax seal stamps. Just a little press test below during candle making.  I officially seal this post with love for your Valentines and weekend.