Celebrating 1 month of alcohol sobriety. I'm going to be honest  2020 started off rough for me due to mental illness. I took a trip to the ocean to clear my head and literally was in tears most of the time. I have not nor will I ever take prescription meds for this illness so I just need to journey on like I have all my life with bi/polar & manic depressive disorder. My in-home tribe has been kind, loving, and embraceing. This is nothing new for then anyways this has been their normal all of their life with me as mother and wife. I no longer have the crutch of alcohol to lean on which really wasn't lifting me up in life anyways. I want to be clear and present for every situation and for everybody I come across in my life to experience the true authentic me.... No matter how quiet or how loud that maybe. The glory of this all is I'M ALIVE. I love my family and myself enough to be this ❤️