We have grown tired of looking at oatmeal colored walls streaked with hand prints and such other marks left behind which could not be scrubbed off. A weekend date to The Home Depot (when me and the Hubby run errands :) resulted in the purchase of Glidden Blue Forest. Elated to renovate and refresh our space we knocked it out the next day. But then...........

I got depressed. The rooms were so much darker and depending on the time of day really dungeon-ess . The Hubby loved it, it's a very masculine color and I'm used to light bright and beachy. Perusing Pinterest and a trip to the Thrift Stores was the remedy to my mental dilemma.

Enter the Zen Zone. A peaceful, tranquil space in which I unwind  and find space to join my mat and immerse myself back into yoga again. Without change we cannot transition, ain't that the truth! So you can say the Blue Forest is growing on me. We still have our bedroom and bathroom coastal to escape to. I'm in love with the coral orange accents throughout the room, very Autumnal. Look out for my Hallowed Home update soon.


Speaking of weather, Imelda dropped a wrath load of rain upon us. By some miraculous looping of the storm we escaped mass flooding. Many counties around us are putting back the pieces again. We had moved here in 2017 right after Hurricane Harvey had hit and yet here we are in Texas enduring everything this bipolar weather brings. I can honestly say most Texans have hearts as big as there state. How's the weather in your corner of the globe? Calender says October but its still hot as hell over here.