Monday, August 28, 2017

Shadow Play

"Looking at the sun through a plastic light bulb cover, eclipse phase to the left"

Last Monday was the epic solar eclipse of 2017.  The weather was actually nice with a little breeze in the air. {M} and I made a viewing station out of a cereal box, and multiple items that would cast a circle to view the phases. My other children were able to see the eclipse through glasses at their schools. If we're Facebook friends you may have seen the trippy recording from my phone. Our local radio station 96.9 The Eagle was playing a list of songs having to do with the sun, moon, and space exploration. I was hoping to get some great photos with the camera but the whole not being able to look at and focus on the sun made that impossible. I'll have to redeem myself when it comes to a lunar Eclipse. Blessings to you all as we enter a new week, may it treat us all well.

                     "Reach for the Moon and land among the Stars"                   

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Lavender Dreams and Summer Haze

Summer vacation has and hasn't ended in Casa Sol y Luna. The older three started school two weeks ago and {M} has another week of helping on the homestead and extending the summer fun with me. I'm going to miss his helping hands when he goes off to first grade. My oldest son is a senior this year with a possibility of graduating early and then joining the work force. {E} is in her freshman year of High School and {L} is in her first year of Jr High, and I'm back to being the Mom Taxi.

When I do find a little free time I have been getting into projects and crafting. I finally finished my " Oceanic Dreams" dreamcatcher. This project was created while I mourned the loss of a young man who was my son's friend. That alone was hard for my children to go through this summer. When a tragedy happens unexpected to someone close to their age it's an eye opening life moment.

Landscaping is done after the school drop offs. My lavender plants around the fountain have become overgrown and the sun had scorched the plant to a brittle bouquet. I see quite a few lavender smudge bundles in the making. We replaced them with baby lavender plants that will fill in the space by next spring.

 Driftwood came into play for the handles of these besoms. The first one is lavender stalk tied with a beautiful hue the color of English Lavender  flowers in bloom. The second besom is a combo of hummingbird sage, lavender, and dried roses. I've been called to use the natural elements that are gifted to me from mother earth  to make sacred tools that assist in healing. The Angel communication lines have opened immensely for me and I have my ears perked up and my eyes open to messages .

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Devil's Slide-San Mateo

Intrigue got the best of us as we were cruising Pacific Coast Highway 1 towards San Francisco. A  building on the hill, what could it be? After parking in the designated parking lot and a stroll down a paved walkway with the ocean waves lapping at the rocky cliffs as our view, we arrived at the foot of Devil's Slide Military Bunker hill. Climbing up to the vista is worth the exploration. The once World War II observation point is now a graffiti artist canvas. The view from the top is breathtaking on all sides and a guarantee to clear your head, salty sea mist is amazing for the body and soul. The drive through the tunnel takes us to the city were I always leave my heart💙

Side Notes:
                  . Park in the designated parking lot not on the side off the road, police will ticket               
                  . not recommended for toddlers, sharp drop off on all sides of the vista

                  .located between San Mateo & Pacifica

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Mid Summer Affairs

Today's affairs are full of house cleaning, baking, gardening, and spiritual crafting. I started off the morning realizing that the sun was later on its arrival than the past weeks.  A sunny yellow lemon cake was baked at 6:00 a.m. for a bite to eat after the children shook the sleep from their eyes. Gardening followed due to 106 degrees later in the day. I noticed butterflies are making a return to my yard as dandelions are sprouting. A lot of crops have stopped growing due to heat and the garden is in need of extreme TLC. Tomatoes were harvested and plants were given their morning bath. A Hummingbird played in the hose spray as I watered . Shells were washed and hummingbird sage was cut to create a sacred smudge bundle. The vibe of the day has been of complete domestic bliss infused with all of natures wonders dancing along with me, and then I realized it's Lammas and it all makes perfect sense.


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