Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Sipping On Truth Elixer

It has come to my attention by my  daughters that I do not keep it real on my blog. Everything you see is real but at an edited version of myself. It's that small girl wanting to be polite and lovely so people will like her. Seriously at 37 I still can't get over that nice Holly image I throw out there. Don't get me wrong I can be as sweet as pie when I want to. So I'm going to lay down some truths and it will reveal how real my blog will be from now on.

1.  I live in the Ghetto, it has been referred to as the deepest part of hell. Traveling to the coast is a great relief to get the family out of the hood and into a different scenery for awhile. My yard is nice but a few streets over are hookers, tweaks and lost teenagers trying to figure out life in all the wrong ways. My sons high school is straight out of Freedom Riders and Dangerous Minds. We would move if we could but money is the obstacle that holds us back.

2.  I cuss, even at my kids. Anger and  my over all chalingo has me saying some pretty colorful phrases that makes squeaky clean Moms break their necks in Walmart lines and shoot me the death stare  ( don't ever try to patronize a witch with you glare honeys you don't want me to look into yours). Bumping gangsta rap while dropping off kids at school is common. Tupac is my favorite poet.

3.  I'm a medical marijuana patient. Bipolar depression and  nerve damage due to TIA strokes has me finding holistic relief with CBD & THC. Now that is what I call reefer madness. I do get some shit about this from people but my kids are relieved that their Mom can have a drop of oil or an edible that will take me from wanting to no longer be on earth to being a compassionate functional parent. Worry not I am responsible with this and will suffer through the day with pain until I know I won't have to drive someone somewhere.

4.  Can you come out and play? Most time it's a no, I'm an introvert. I've missed out on many family functions and don't visit friends, but sometimes I just cannot go out of the house or be around people. Phone conversations are hard. In public I will not speak until spoken to and with my perky nose this has people thinking I'm stuck up!

5.  Oh the wrath that happens if you put the dishes away other than there designated spots or the towels aren't hung straight. That's right I have the affliction of O.C.D. The house is usually tidy and if I get an unexpected visitor this throws me into panic mode.

 So now you know Gypsy Spirit Rising isn't all sunshine and rainbows, and everyday is a struggle one way or another. I'm awakening in all aspects of my life and the rawness of what it's really like from my end of things is something that doesn't need to be tucked away and hidden as if it's an ugly shame. I'm unapologetic because my humanness is showing.

"Capturing Peace"

P.S. Sipping on truth elixer is a metaphor not a drinking reference, that is one demon I have been able to conquer.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Our third stop on the Pacific Coast Highway 1 roadtrip leads us to the tallest operating lighthouse on the West Coast, Pigeon Point Lighthouse in Pescadero, California. If your new to this roadtrip we started in Santa Cruz and stopped at Swanton Berry Farm before heading toward the bay area.
Even during the crisp morning hours this lighthouse beckoned us to stop and discover a piece of California's golden history along the jagged coast line. When visiting the West Coast wear layers.

 The lighthouse is currently closed for tours as fundraising efforts are underway for restoration, but there were still plenty of treasures to discover during our visit.

The glass enclosed room at the top of the tower housed a 16 foot tall Fresnel lens weighing in at two tons. The Fresnel lens was dismantled and reassembled in the Fog Signal building . An exterior automated beam still flashes at 10 second intervals.

 French designer Augustin Jean Fresnel handcrafted 1008 brass framed lenses and prisms that concentrate light up to 24 miles. This reminds me of the Wonkavator that shoots through the roof of the factory.

 A clockwork mechanism rotates the panels producing a light flash every 10 seconds. The light prisms are stacked vertically to form two dozen nine and a half tall panels on a circular frame. The docents on the grounds are really informative and have a way of taking you back into mariner history.

 Pigeon Point has a Hostel lodging option. Imagine sitting in a hot tub looking out at these coastal views. I wouldn't mind staying here if I could convince the Renaissance man of shared restroom and kitchen quarters with other guest.

Pigeon Point was originally named Whale Point due to the grey whale migration to the area. In June of 1853 a clipper ship on her maiden voyage named Carrier Pigeon crashed on fog covered rocks and the point was renamed Pigeon Point.

 This grey whale skull was amazing to photograph,  puts in prospective how massive these sea beauties are. We are really small fish in a big pond so to speak.

 I kept my eye on the ocean in hopes of glimpsing a pod traveling by. Lush ice plants and moss lining the bluffs paints a poetic memory in my mind, I can still smell the salt infused air.

 A mother and her pups relaxed on a bed of kelp without a care in the world.

Kelp that reminds me of mini palm trees swaying in the breeze. Pigeon Point Lighthouse is a must stop for sure if your coasting by. Next stop on the roadtrip will have you living on the edge.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Projections on Projects

The recent Beautiful Freaks Fest hosted by our Magaly has put my mind on Halloween. I've been working on this cross stitch project since the end of last summer and today I finally completed it. I feel now I finished this project I can move forward to new creative outlets and projects. 

What loose ends are you tying up with a pretty bow? Are there projects in the making or growing brain children waiting to be born?  I plan to make this July a productive one for sure.


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