Friday, April 28, 2017

What's Growing On

{ Front Entrance }

As the sign implies welcome to the garden. I had posted previously about the construction and zoning of this green space which I hope will bring me closer to my sustainability goals. The last step to finishing the garden was the the introduction of plants. There is still a lot of additions to come but that will all come forth in do time. P.S. the Dollar Store has awesome garden accoutrements.

{ Side View }
From left to right we have a variety of bell peppers and red onions in the tub, big boy tomatoes in the first box and black cherry toms in the next. Sugar snap peas trellising up the fence in aqua pots and strawberries in the next row of boxes.

{ Salsa Garden }
I planted red onion bulbs in between all the plants in this area. Banana peppers and grande jalapenos are in the first tire, onions in the second, and cilantro in the third. Also two tomatoes plants are in aqua pots waiting for transfer.

{ The Dove Babies }
Speaking of growing on, Easter morning  the little doves flew the coop and explored the skies, while my little one was searching for eggs below. 


Side Note: I hope everyone is doing well, I haven't been up to date and visiting all you lovely blog friends lately, my life has hit turbulence again, but hopefully with this new moon regularity will be back on track. May the weekend bring you adventures and serenity.


  1. Oh I love the garden and the baby doves! We decided against trying to grow anything this year since we didn't know if we were going to get to stay in our apartment. The complex did a different type of grant and if you make too much, they give you to boot. We are safe, but neither of us really feel up to doing too much. We did get some flowers. Aside from the rose bush Amanda bought me, we went with purple and white flowers. I'll post pictures later. *HUGS* I hope the waters calm for you

  2. Your titled inspired some well-needed giggles out of me. Thank you for that. Not much new growing on around here (yet). But soon! In the meantime, I will delight in what you show us. :-)

  3. Holly, that is such a cute idea to plant your herbs in the tires. I've never seen that before, very clever. Your garden is coming along nicely. Those dove babies are precious.

    Happy May.

    love, ~Sheri

  4. I'm afraid at my is simply too difficult for me to do sustainable gardening. But, I, do have younger friends that do. Your garden is growing nicely and I thing with that wonderful California weather it should be a success.


  5. Oh wow, your garden looks amazing!! You're doing a great job! I'm sorry your life has hit turbulence again! Sending you Big Hugs!!

  6. I like "getting around the city" best. That is wonderful that you are entering a photo contest. I've always wanted to do this. Can I ask what contest it is, maybe I can join the fun? All the photos are great, but something just spoke to be about the city picture. It shows all the pleasures that the city gives us. Good luck, Holly.

    love, ~Sheri



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