Thursday, March 30, 2017

Jardin Sol Y Luna

Oh yes glorious spring has sprung. The birds , bees, and blooms are abundant at Casa Sol Y Luna. Morning chores include turning on the fountain and watching nature being drawn to the water. Next is filling the bird feeders, I go through a lot of seed bags. I've also been thinking about getting a bee box .
The rose bushes are abundant and taking shears to clip a few blooms brings me joy as I make bouquets for  indoors. The first available blooms happened to be on the first day of spring and I made a birthday arrangement for {E}. I'm still waiting for the red roses to bloom, the petals are the perfect ingredient to make the silkiest rose water.
 Dandelions are one of the first foods for things with wings coming out of hibernation. Once I know the Renaissance Man is going to mow I pluck away and dry them out for herbal remedies. Lavender is also loved by the bees and we have plenty. I plan on making lavender healing pillows with the dried flowers.
I haven't planted anything yet in the newly build garden area but have started some kitchen grown starter plants. The onion had sprouted on the counter and has grown significantly in the kitchen bay window, on Saturday it was separated and planted in the tire garden section. A few potatoes had grown eyes (yay non GMO) and I have two buckets of potatoes cuttings growing. My pineapple plant has adapted to the outdoors beautifully.
Phase 1
 In February when it wasn't raining I weeded and plowed the soil. In March I made boxes out of wood we had lying around.The Renaissance Man and {M} are measuring for the fencing, we never needed one before until we got Rico who loves to dig.
Phase 2
{L} helps with the fence construction and securing the door.
Phase 3
Soil is added to the boxes and red bark is added as a ground cover. 
Phase 4
I have yet to buy the plants to fill the boxes. Starting from seed is cheaper but I haven't had much luck when trying to garden with this method. How are your green thumb efforts growing?


  1. Holly, your garden is coming along nicely, and it's the perfect weather now to start adding a few of your own special things. I've never seen the red bark before, it's different. Lavender smells so pretty, I'd love to have some in my house. This is a cute picture of husband and daughter.

    Enjoy your garden, Holly. There's nothing like digging our hands deep in the earth. : )

    love, ~Sheri

  2. Everything looks glorious, Holly! From the lavender to the onion to your enviable boxes.

  3. Such a beautiful post!! I love all your pictures! I love the lay out of the new gardening area! WOW! It's still wet here! Still lots of clean up! Hopefully in a couple of weeks, will get outside! Big Hugs!



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