Friday, December 2, 2016

On The Table

Day 1 - December Reflections

I made scones for the first time today, hence the the not so uniform shape. They turned out pretty tasty though, all the kids liked them. I tweaked  Ocean Spray's Cranberry Scones recipe a bit by using left over cranberry relish  from  Thanksgiving  instead of the dried cranberries and orange zest the recipe called for. I'll be experimenting in the kitchen more as the holiday season progresses so stay tuned for food flips or flops!


  1. I'm sipping tea right now, so your scones look extra tempting!

  2. Your scones look Yummy, Holly. I never used to like scones until I tried them recently. They are pretty good. The cranberry and orange sounds just right, and they would go nicely with a cup of coffee.


  3. These look so good!!! Very yummy!!! Well done!

  4. That is a great way to repurpose the cran relish. Also I think the scones look very nice. ^_^



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