Thursday, September 29, 2016

Natural Bridges State Beach

Natural Bridges State Beach in Santa Cruz California is one of my favorite new beaches I discovered this summer. The drive down West Cliff  from the Boardwalk is full of majestic landscapes and an array of luxury homes. Once you get to the beach there are tide pools to explore to the right of the main beach. Another sight to behold is the Monarchs over-wintering habitat in the nearby Eucalyptus grove. The butterflies start their return in October and so do we. Turns out we are still going to the 150th Boardwalk birthday celebration after all, and I'll have my camera ready to capture the beauty of the Mariposas.


  1. One day, I will show up at your house with my bags packed and ready to go. I swear you find the most glorious spots ever! What a precious place this beach is.

  2. So beautiful and magical! I truly loved the pictures!!! Would love to go here one day!