Friday, September 23, 2016


The day after the first day of Fall was supposed to be about my Mabon celebrations but instead all you get is this. This is a reflection of how I currently am...broken. I usually don't put my depression or other state of affairs online but you my blogging family (yes I think of you as family) are brave enough to do so, so here I go. I feel unappreciated at the moment, actually I feel like that constantly.  My day starts off at 4:30 a.m. every weekday morning so I can get the husband off to work, the kids off to school and then I take care of home and everyday life in between. My head hits the pillow at 10:00 p.m. and I am out. I rise again the next day and do the same thing over and over, and yes I know it's called life.

The lack of appreciation, unacknowledgement, and mental disfunction has got me flying on broken wings. If I stopped doing what I do my family's world would come crashing down and this house would lose it's magic. Mercury retrograde sure isn't over because I have to adjust my situations according to peoples lack of doing there job correctly and making mistakes. Last week I received a letter saying my home owners insurance was cancelled (I got that fixed) and today I found out a new secretary at my husband's job sent out paychecks by mail. I live in the ghetto and mail sometimes gets put into the wrong box. The list goes on and on. If your one to send out thoughts and vibes please keep me in mind so I can start to heal. I do hope everyone's weekend is filled with things that bring them joy.


  1. Life can be rough. And when we have to smooth out the roughness and no one is there remind us that our work is appreciated, it's easy to fall into gloom. When I feel like I'm falling into the dumps, I talk to my Piano Man about it. And to my friends--you've seen it in my blog more than once.

    Our loved ones can become so used to the love and care we give them, that they might take it for granted every now and again... Maybe you should remind them. It's surprising what a few honest words can do for a soul. They love you. And they will try to make it better.

    I'm lighting a candle with your name on it. May its light and warmth reach you soon.

  2. sending out happy thoughts and positive vibes for you!

  3. Oh Holly, I do know exactly how you feel. Having raised a family, you think that your job is over when the kids are raised, but in many ways it's not. And sometimes the little things like the mail can mean a big deal in our lives and affect it in great ways. You are such an important part of your family, and please don't ever forget that. Sometimes we just need to be appreciated. Sending good thoughts your way. And this butterfly picture is just gorgeous and goes perfect with your words. The last time I took a picture of a butterfly its wings were broken too. Maybe it's a sign for us, my friend. You are broken, but still beautiful. :)

    love, ~Sheri

    (if you don't mind, I will put your picture on my computer screen and look at it the month of September, it's so pretty).

  4. Sending you good vibes and hugs ♥

  5. *hugs* Sending you good vibes and thoughts. I understand how frustrating those kind of cyclic days can be. I see them in a different way with Amanda's day and a lot of times with myself- although not so much for me since I finished school. Make time for yourself, even 30 minutes in the morning after everyone is out of the house. Color a picture, do something crafty, watch a show YOU want to watch, read, anything, just something that is just for you for a little bit, the world can wait half an hour to an hour. *hugs*

  6. Sending good vibes. I'm glad you feel comfortable enough to share your feelings and sadness with your blogger family. It's difficult to share these things sometimes but necessary and I hope that in the days to come as we approach Samhain and the new cycle of sleep and waking that those around you gain clarity and appreciation for all that you do and all that you are.

  7. First visit, linked here from Magaly. I like your blog and I'll be back...bookmarked already. After scrolling a little, I have a feeling you will not be broken long. I see strength in thoughts and words. :)



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