Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Sleeping With One Eye Open

It's 3:00 a.m, the time which used to be communion with the spirits and receiving of  divine information. Oh that glorious witching hour has become the time of consumption. For as I feed my child the demons creep into my mind. Society, media, those not in the know but with the upper hand seem to have a grip with sharp teeth on my brain. I will not them them rule, I sleep with one eye open, and dear child of mine you must too. If only they knew that with my breast bared  I nourish not only your soul but the worlds, they cannot shake my Motherhood.

hand up always in protest
they will not devour
over ruled with kindness & flower power

"Let's Haibun Her a Tale" inspired by Shelle Kennedy's  "Madonna of the Flowers"


  1. My grandmother used to say that she stopped sleeping too soundly when she had children, and then gave up on sleeping completely when she had grandchildren. Like your poem suggests, there are so many horrors out there--wearing so many faces. Parents can't be passive not even a little bit.

    Really like the idea of her feeding "the worlds".

  2. Over ruled by flower power...tis how I live my life :D Very strong words XXX

  3. 3am yes, the time of communion ... not many know this.

    And now?

    I think you have strong magic and your child will withstand demons, even those nasties you mention here.

  4. The uncertainties of motherhood always had a way of attacking during those middle of the night feedings. Am I doing this right? Who will they be when they grow up? Am I ever going to get a decent night's sleep ever again? I remember those days, and the evolution of the worries.

  5. Nurture over environment, an old psychology argument I used to have with a teacher, this mama, with her hand up in protection and threat seems to answer that question! Good one!

  6. Wonderfully written, I enjoyed this piece..."overruled with kindness and flower power"

  7. Powerful! "I nourish not only your soul but the worlds". Bless mothers, for they shape our worlds.

  8. As I raise two young teens, this brings tears:
    "they cannot shake my Motherhood"

  9. Kindness and flower power I feel are wonderful ways to make ones offspring blossom x



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