Friday, April 1, 2016

Dear Love

~   A Love Poem To Love   ~

You are the hardest emotion to feel yet necessary to thrive
When emanating at your fullest I'm truly alive with a strive to survive
A main component  in which to lead my tribe


When your presence is absent all is a miss
Plunging off a cliff into a whirlwind spiral to a dark abyss
To not feel loved, feels like this


Love is love no matter the gain
Whether it be filled with pain or in vain
One things for sure love, you drive me insane


Recent Paint Project : Love Seat 


  1. One things for sure love, you drive me insane......I love that. And this tree trunk! - that is classic, and it does look like a heart. You're creative, witty, and wonderful, Holly.

    Happy April! I was just reminded it was April Fool's Day today.

    love, ~Sheri

  2. Oh, Love, you deliciously mad bastard. Can't live without him, can't breathe when he's acting up. Love this, Holly. ♥

    And your paint project? Wow!

  3. Love is love, truth that! Well-penned.



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