Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Inspired Action

I must confess that my o.c.d. scheduled self gets in the way of myself. A lot of great ideas and inspiration come to me and I memory bank them for the "oh when the house is clean and the chores are done, then I'll create." Kinda defeats the purpose of inspired action if it is not done in the moments of inspiration. So much creativity escapes me and I rarely am able to recapture the magical sparks of innovation. Here is what happens when the Universe has something to say about my behavior.

As the  Grandmother Moon  slowly rose into the sky making here presence known I stopped in awe and listened as she called to me to pay close attention to the whispers on the wind.


Talk about about a powerful Quickening Moon for it shook loose in me the descent and strength of roots to release into the world my true Gypsy Spirit Rising. If you have ever experienced such a dance with nature that gave you an exchange of it's power after the music has ended you know how amazing I now feel. After my powwow with the Moon I was lite inside with that golden glow.

Back to the  inspired action thing, messages received. We shall see how it goes when that spark ignites and I drop everything in an instant to follow the muse. It can't be that bad right, just as long as I don't forget to pick up the kids from school l.o.l. I wish you a week of abundance in many forms and if you would love to share whats emerging for you let me know.

~ Namaste Luvs ~

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Winter In California

 From sunrise to sunset I'm surrounded by natures beauty in my own backyard. This world is full of wonder to absorb if we only but sit and let our senses rule the day.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Paint & Pillows

It sure feels like Spring around here which means cleaning , organizing, and projects! The front of the house got a little face lift with black faux shutters added to the windows and fresh paint to the front door.

Door Before

And After

Since painting the door red the living color pallet seemed a little off to me. I found this painting that had nice coastal hues and red tones so I used it as a base for accent colors. We are forgoing Santa Cruz season passes this year but I can enjoy the Coastal vibes in my everyday decor.

I purchased a few pillow sets for the couches. A coral set for this couch and light sea blue for the other tan couch ( not pictured).

 The mandala pillow is from Ross at a sale price of $2.45 and little one a slip cover for 99 cents from the Goodwill.

 A few more additions to what I call my "Cali Coastal Vibe". I love this hanging planter for our Wandering Jew plant. I felt a money tree would be a nice addition to our red door and I just realized we did this the weekend of Chinese New Year and I'm a Lucky Fire Monkey. Talk about synchronicity. The VW van beach print is from my recent thrifting trip. Say hello to our new member of the family "Frankie Blue" short for Frankenstein the blue beta.

 I wish everyone a Valentine's weekend full of love.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Imbolc Poetry

Hello beautiful people! I wanted to share with you the awesome and amazing moon that still hung in the sky on the morning of Imbolc. Brightest Blessings on your endeavours as we transition into a new season.


Photography and art unless otherwise noted and credited is sole property of Gypsy Spirit Rising. If you would like to use photos or content please contact me before use and credit would be appreciated. If in anyway I have used your content without proper credit or use please let me know. I love the creative collaboration that makes up the blogging community, lets continue to contribute to the world in our own special way.
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