Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Inspired Action

I must confess that my o.c.d. scheduled self gets in the way of myself. A lot of great ideas and inspiration come to me and I memory bank them for the "oh when the house is clean and the chores are done, then I'll create." Kinda defeats the purpose of inspired action if it is not done in the moments of inspiration. So much creativity escapes me and I rarely am able to recapture the magical sparks of innovation. Here is what happens when the Universe has something to say about my behavior.

As the  Grandmother Moon  slowly rose into the sky making here presence known I stopped in awe and listened as she called to me to pay close attention to the whispers on the wind.


Talk about about a powerful Quickening Moon for it shook loose in me the descent and strength of roots to release into the world my true Gypsy Spirit Rising. If you have ever experienced such a dance with nature that gave you an exchange of it's power after the music has ended you know how amazing I now feel. After my powwow with the Moon I was lite inside with that golden glow.

Back to the  inspired action thing, messages received. We shall see how it goes when that spark ignites and I drop everything in an instant to follow the muse. It can't be that bad right, just as long as I don't forget to pick up the kids from school l.o.l. I wish you a week of abundance in many forms and if you would love to share whats emerging for you let me know.

~ Namaste Luvs ~


  1. This is really a cool picture, Holly. I don't think you have to worry about your creative side. I know it comes and goes with us, but somehow I feel it will always come back to you because you are who you are. :)

    love, ~Sheri

  2. Good Morning Holly,
    It sounds like you had fun and some needed rejuvenation and there's nothing wrong with that. I took Amanda to the park and ride this morning and then went to the store. On my way home I stopped at a near by park and just sat, watching the river. It was really nice.

  3. I think that if we tried to bring to life every single idea we get, we would go mad. I'm always writing myself little notes, in order to remember to do something later. It's the only way I can survive.

    Hope your week has been yummy and ends even better.

  4. beautiful image Holly:)Hope all is well.



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