Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Working With Wood

The many illnesses that are going around have struck Casa Sol y Luna.  All six of us have something or other and a combo of  yuckyness. Iv'e been in the kitchen making soups and herbal remedies, my tools of healing are of the wood element. Wood represents the liver and gall bladder and helps to raise energy .

We still have plenty of mandarins left so I've been juicing away for fresh citrus juice. I put the rinds in the window sill to dry out for potpourri.

Constant coughing and body aches has lead to teeth pain. Ground up cloves wrapped in cheese cloth left to soak in olive oil is a great way to extract the oil from the cloves and create an analgesic clove oil for mouth pain.

 The weather here lately has me feeling that we had a Summer and then Winter with no Autumn in between. Maybe that's why our immunities are out of whack, no adjustment period. Well I'm off to get a little rest. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.


  1. I know exactly where you're coming from. My Piano Man just got over a horrid cold and the Little Princess often coughs her way through fall and winter. Today was for soup and for making Lime, Onion and Honey Cough Potion.

  2. I'm sorry your household is sick. I've managed to catch something somewhere too and have been a bit miserable the last couple of days. I've had lots of tea with herb infused honey, some soup, and rest. I hope everyone in your house gets better soon and can enjoy the coming season! Blessings!

  3. Holly, sorry to hear all of you got a bug of some kind. And I'm very sorry to hear about what's going on in your area. Thinking about you this evening and praying for all kids at the high school.

    love, ~Sheri



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