Friday, November 20, 2015

A Message From Above

 I strongly feel that feathers in your path are a sign from our angels and spirit guides. I found these feathers near the laundry line as I was talking to my eldest son about our home being our safe haven and keeping it peaceful and humble despite the global atrocities going on. We were also talking about the holidays and what activities we could do that bring us joy to uplift our vibrations. 

I bent down and got excited over the feathers exclaiming " ohhhh gifts from above", and then when I discovered the tiny hearts I wept. The message became clear then:

The spirit needs uplifting by spreading love. Don't just hold love in your heart and carry it with you wherever you go, let it out of it's pulsating shell. Give it here, give it there, the person you see who needs it don't second guess, let it flow freely from you. Depletion will not occur because the more you give the more you receive. Be a love donor.


  1. Holly, that is so special. It looks like the hearts are showing shadows on the angel wings? Yes, definitely a gift from up above. That was a nice thing that you told your son too. Please say a prayer for me, Holly. Going through some things in the family right now. Thank you.

    love, ~Sheri

  2. That's great Holly...what a wonderful uplifting post!

  3. When times get tough, the Universe sends you heart-filled feathers. Wonderful! A life hugely happy is made of tiny miracles that are shared. Thanks so much for the glimpse. ♥



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