Monday, August 24, 2015

Just checking in

School has officially started for all four of the children, and Casa Sol Y Luna is silent (except for Pandora playing whatever MY heart desires in the background.) Even though there is four drop offs , four pick -ups at four different school's I think the school year started off well, and I got this.

{ San Francisco Love Tours Bus....wish I had one of my own, maybe one day }

So now that I have the house to myself I realize it is stuffed with so much. There are six of us living in this little humble homestead  and I look around and question "do we use this, do we need this ?" Being the one who does everything around here I realize if I can't keep up with it all and the thought and visual chaos of it all stresses me out , then it's time to purge! Instead of spring cleaning , I'm fall cleaning which is just as important because another turn of the wheel is approaching. This is my mission this week, so if you don't hear from in a few days I'm probably lost in a heap somewhere.


  1. Purging is cathartic! I have done a lot of that since 2011 and try hard to think before I buy. Happy School Year to you all!!!

  2. Holly, it's good that you are Fall cleaning. You will feel so much better and organized, especially having those four wonderful kids coming and going at four different schools. I remember having three at three different schools, and it was one hectic year. You will get through it though because...........well, because you are you.

    love, ~Sheri

  3. That was a nice story about the hummingbirds paying us an earthly visit. I've never heard that before. :)


  4. thank you for stopping by.
    I'm happy to be back:)
    De-cluttering will make you feel better for sure.I think you chose the perfect time for it too!
    hope you have a successful time of it!!

  5. We have a FB group called SoulSpace Online Book Club where we are all decluttering together. Its fun! You should join us.

  6. Hi Holly, Thanks so much for helping me spread the word about my Halloween event. The comment you posted on my blog was not attached to an email address so hopefully you will get this message. I need you to email me so that I can send you your free collage sheet. You can reach me at ARTFULLYMUSING@LIVE.COM Laura



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