Saturday, July 11, 2015

Sunday on the Wharf....Santa Cruz Part 3

 I loved waking up to the morning view of the beach . I threw open the curtains and windows to enjoy the sights and sounds as I packed us up.

 Before heading back to the boardwalk for the day we had to take a side trip to a laundry mat to dry  towels and suits. An angel trumpet tree loomed over the fence into the parking lot.

 We're just chilling at the Ultramat waiting for the laundry. Santa Cruz is full of murals and art.

 Even in the bathroom. Art by Spider

 {S} wanted to skate Mike Fox skate park and chill with the locals. His dream is to move here after high school.

 Sunday was a lot sunnier than the day before, and a lot less people. There's the Bahia Apts. that will be torn down to build a hotel. I wonder where in the city the trolley goes, and only 25 cents to ride.

 Bill Lewis is the Sand Man of Santa Cruz. I didn't remember to take a finished photo of his patriotic art.

 We strolled on the Wharf to enjoy the sights and look into the shops. I get really inspired by the crafts I see. This little boat was the the perfect photo prop.

 {E} & {M} were discussing "Jaws" which is crazy because 15 sharks were spotted in Aptos not far from there. 

 The wharf is the perfect place to take panoramic photos. 

 The weather was perfect for the beach and seaside activities.

 My husband even boogie boarded with {E}.

After a weekend of sand and sun, it was time to head on out and drive back home. {E} is full of sand from the ocean, {M} wanted to go on the Haunted Castle ride one last time, {S} is wore out from skateboarding the town, and {L} is upset she didn't go on the Ferris Wheel as promised. Only one way to remedy these summertime blues.....another trip in the future.

I hope you are all finding fun and adventures in the 
haze of summer daze.


  1. Great pics, Holly. This family loves Santa Cruz too, and my husband and son have been surfing for years. I bet your kids loved this little trip to fun Santa Cruz.


    1. I would love to learn to surf, I watched "Gidget" the other day and thought hey I can do it l.o.l. We have season passes and all the kids talk about is when are we going back.



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