Friday, July 10, 2015

Riding The Waves of Amusement ....Santa Cruz Part 2

What makes the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk  the prime amusement destination for my little tribe is the combo of sand, sun, and fun. The sights, smells, and actual feel of the sea on your skin and up your airways is truly good for the soul. This is one of my "Zen Zones".

 To enter the boardwalk is free but parking for the day is $15.00. We bring an ice chest full of food and a sun tent , plop it down on the beach in the morning and when we're hungry and ready to hit the waves we're all set (we save a lot of money this way, just a helpful tip). If you plan on coming to the boardwalk more than once and love to ride the rides I suggest getting a season pass. When you purchase a pass you receive a coupon book and an all day ride pass for a friend. I hope you enjoy our memories and hopefully you can travel here one day and make memories of your own.

The 4th of July was pretty overcast most of the day, but that didn't dampen our fun.

Ghost Blasters

{ L} is finally tall enough to ride The Giant Dipper

The fire truck is {M}'s favorite

 Grabbing a "Paradise Dog" from the Wharf.

 Clam Chowder from the Galley in the arcade.

Texas Donut, and no I did not eat this all by myself, I shared.

 Testing out the ocean

 My older children decided to boogie board and enjoy the water.

 My younger ones decide to stay on land.

Discovering the sea's treasures.

It's not a complete day at the beach until someone gets buried in the sand.

As we celebrate independence I dream of more peace for this world, how about you?

Part 1 of this adventure can be found here 4th of July weekend In Santa Cruz. But wait there's a little more, stay tuned for Day 2 "The Wharf".

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  1. Those are great pics and I would love to get my hands on that humongous donut. You know, I would love to see more peace in this world. That would be awesome. I'm glad I found your blog today. Have a wonderful weekend... :)



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