Monday, June 2, 2014

A case of the Monday's

I had a hard time getting out of bed this morning. I set the alarm for 5:00 a.m hoping to get up and start a new exercise plan for the the month. Not till 6:00 a.m did I pop open my eyes and groan, my husband says "it's a Monday". Now I realize why I love Fridays so much, for me it's the end of the work/school week and into a different flow. Mondays are the jump right into the ocean and navigate, explore, do until you can surface and relax on the island for the weekend (metaphorically speaking). With that being said hello to a new week and a glorious start to summer.

Casa de Sol y Luna has been bustling these days or should I say the past few weeks. The kids will all be out of school in a week and half and I seriously don't know what were going to do over the break. A lot of home improvement projects have been going on to create a backyard oasis for all the summer fun and relaxation. There finally is a resemblance of a garden. later post with pics will follow.

On a more personal note June for me is going to be a month of rebirth and spiritual overhaul so to say. I have a confession to make about my sobriety from alcohol that almost made it to four months. High stress modes and bi-polar resurgence has led me to grab the bottle and try to drink down the insanity.  Sometimes we fall off the wagon and bump our head to realize that the new path we were traveling is really worth the  journey.

I've recently discovered two new souls in which I can connect to and are a new source of motivation and inspiration. I really can't recall how I came across Erin Stutland and the Say It, Sweat It, Get It Challenge but I'm up for the challenge that starts today! The other beautiful lady who's vlog always has a great message right when I need it is Spirit Junkie Gabrielle Bernstein. Maybe these ladies  have something you need in your life right now.

May love and light fill your week and new month with blessings. I'm looking forward to transformation on the highest level.

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