Making :   List's and pins of all the "Fall Fun" I want to create & experience
Cooking :  Going back to vegetarian
Drinking : Cucumber Lemonade
Reading:    Magazines and other blogs....I need to take a trip to the library
Wanting:   A new fall wardrobe
Looking:    For a new diet and exercise plan
Playing:     Stevie Nicks on Rhapsody
Wasting:    Time worrying about the things I cannot change
Sewing:     My Lily's torn shorts
Wishing:   I had more resources to cover all my family's needs
Enjoying:  The sound of my children getting along
Waiting:    For Halloween!!!!!!
Liking:      Natures ever changing beauty
Wondering:  What the future holds
Loving:    The older three back in school.....Mommy Munchkin time
Hoping:   The world finds peace & soon
Marvelling: The knowledge my children posses, they teach me everyday
Needing:    A Vitamix
Smelling:  Hot sun baking the dirt outside my bedroom window
Wearing:   A witchy comfortable black dress with flip flops
Following: Other bloggers ... I love the blogging community
Noticing:  I have a lot of organizing to do before fall officially begins
Knowing:  I will be out of debt in 2014 WOOOHOO
Thinking:  What should I be for Halloween
Feeling:     I need to get in better shape
Bookmarking:  Healthy recipes and detox juices
Opening:  My heart and life  to all who are reading this
Giggling:   I didn't  wear a bra all day
Feeling:  Free ... and a little sweaty it's still in the 90's in early evening

This lovely list was found at Pip's blog Meet Me At Mikes.  I think I'll do one  for every month.