Monday, September 26, 2022

Morning Meditation - New Moon in Libra

These words are from the journaling that came to me this morning as I sipped my Eucalyptus tea and meditated. To communicate with spirit, embodied practices are necessary to bring about the energy for transmission.

We are now traveling through the vortex of a black hole. Planets are retrograde but are shifting slowly back into their stations. The upheaval and miss connections, miscommunication and non-connectivity is in a space of realization and contemplation.

New paths are emerging and energization with synchronicity are taking place. Shadow work needs to be completed in order to immerse fully into the new challenges ahead that are illuminated and warm with light.

You are the mystic light and you're also the darkness for you lack the power of letting go. Letting go of the past that holds you down makes you cry, anguish squeezes your heart into a million broken pieces. Go to those pieces as they are the cosmos and come together to form new light, new pulse of your life continuing forward.

May you become as the brightest star to reach others to you so you can ignite those around you. Your soul's mission is the job of servitude and it's best serve when igniting passion , illumination and hope in others.

Monday mornings I also like to pull a Goddess guide card and an assisting angel card. Here is this weeks guidance and personal interpretation.

Spirit of Pentacles

Peace and grounding are finally found at home at the end of this cycle. Ascension has been earned from experience and cultivation of your life and overcoming the darkness. Bounty in blessings are achieved for the realization of where your at , is were you need to be , and that is where the work needs to come from. Wow this resonates so deep and is in complete conjunction with message from spirit during meditation. I changed the name and look of the blog to reflect this new stage in my life. Ive been feeling lost and didn't feel at home still here in Texas, but I know for now this is where the magic happens and where our soul work is coming from .


A message from a deceased love one. I'm happy and at peace, I do not blame you, you did nothing wrong. My spirit is more alive now and no longer in pain. I come to you in messages and dreams. This right here is a message from my dearly beloved ChiPoo Chico. I was just saying how witches familiars are black cats but mine was a white Chihuahua. Its been about 4 years since he's passed. I regret I didn't get him to a vet, I believe maybe he got bite by a snake. We just got new skeletons for Halloween
and I named this one Chico, who waits by the front door ready to run outside and play.

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  1. I like the idea of being a bright star to others. Have a wonderful rest of the week. Diana