Saturday, May 14, 2022

Into the Zen

Spring has sprung at the Sanctuary. The humidity has arrived so it's more like summertime heat. Morning house chores are done quicker so the gardens can get watered before the sun is on full beam. The Zen Garden has taken shape over the years, I walk it daily in meditation and listen to how it wants to take shape. We add plant rescues here and there, put in a few flowers for a pop of color. After strolling and watering , I like to do a bit of hammock reading. The wildlife and I just chill out, for we are one in this space.


  1. Oh, this is my kind of space, Holly, and I'm so glad you have it right now. I have something similar to it in the mountains. Your garden IS taking shape since you moved there. I see you have flowers and plants and statues that suit you to make it a place of calm and relaxation. I love the red flowers, and they look like something that the hummingbirds would feed on. Springtime is pretty there, and I hope the Summer is just as nice for you. Please do post more often. I miss your unique posts.

    Happy May, dear Holly.


  2. So beautiful there with all the pretty touches of colour. Spring is a very nice time. It's the opposite here, almost heading into winter.

  3. It's a glorious space! Thank you for sharing it with us.