Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Spring & Simplicity

Pink Ladies 


Opuntia Nopales


Flora enhancements for the Zen Garden

End of the zen path

Future Tea Time 

April is almost over and May is on it's heels. One more month of school left and simplicity will rule the day (hopefully). We have a Senior graduating this year and she just turned 18, we are full in the moments of milestones. In love am I with Spring this year, all that buzzes and blooms. Two gardens are simultaneously emerging. I'm kept productive as official keeper of the sanctuary( that sounds more soul fulfilling than housewife) for I care and tend to what lives within and outdoors.
                                                    Cheers to the emergence of life's blooming.


  1. It looks like you live surrounded by woods and trees too, Holly. The sunflower is a cheerful flower, and I love those Pink Ladies. It's wonderful that your daughter graduates this year. Spring has arrived around your neck of the woods. I hope simplicity comes to you and your beautiful family very soon. The end of the school year is always a time for rest and play.


  2. Truly beautiful!!! Congrats to your girl graduating!!! Big Hugs!

  3. April looks gorgeous on your yard!

  4. You've a lot of gorgeous growing going on in April. LOL, of course I am intrigued by the area for future tea time!

  5. Lovely photographs.
    Happy Spring Wishes.

    All the best Jan