It's official Celestial Pines Sanctuary has become homeschool central. So far in our county school is closed till April 3rd and we are encouraged to stay at home. Surrounding counties and major metropolitan cities are on "shelter in place order." The Renaissance man works in one of these counties so we will see tonight if his job is considered essential.  Low tech and high tec options are available to my 3rd grader and highschool girls so we are staying on course with courses. I'm also continuing my hippie homestead schooling, skills will be gained and implemented.

The Bumper Book of Nature  by Stephan Moss is my favorite children's field guide we've explored since the kids were itty bitty. Let me take this opportunity to express my gratitude in the land we moved to. Sitting on our deck overlooking  our own pond to study is bliss, and we are blessed.

We have a variety of frogs and toads, both in the pond and in the woods. Some have huge red eyes and some emit a scared chirp then jump into the water when you walk upon them in surprise. The chorus at night is my sleep time lullaby.

This one's on trend with the camo. It's amazing how they coexsist with all the turtles and snakes swimming around. Imagine the ecosystem under the surface.

Spawn- Ob-La-Di  Ob-La-Da life goes own!

 Turtle families afloat. during the day they can be spotted on the banks basking in the sun. The dogs tend to scare them back into the water once they are quickly spotted.



 {M} {L} & I created a few random clay pieces, keeping our hands and minds busy. Sculpting with clay is a calming therapeutic form of art I discovered I enjoy as well.

 {M} made chocolate cookies from scratch and found the recipe himself in a cookbook.

 Introduction to imperfect food grown at home. His expression is priceless.

 My hammock reading usually turns into hammock napping. I'm currently riding the Magic Bus with Paulo Coelho in his adventure Hippie.  Like my boots? It's a necessity because of snakes. Not one but two of my big dogs got bit because they wouldn't leave one alone. Glad the venom was non toxic, I never did get a look at the kind of snake that bite them.

 GYPSY'S bite site.

MANCHA's muzzle.

{M} enjoying Diary Of An Awesome Friendly Kid by Jeff Kinney. Gypsy's on guard looking out for snakes and teenage sisters!

Those are some of the activities going on around here. The girls are less apt to being photographed these days, go figure it's no problem if it's their phones and media.  Side note : Speaking of books I discovered an awesomely beautiful and amazing new library. Stay tuned for that post!

Sending love and light to all as we navigate life during Coronavirus.