Monday, July 30, 2018

Kitchen Renovation

This kitchen was in need of an extreme bleach scrub down after the home's two sides were seamed together. It came with previous appliances that hadn't been used in awhile, imagine the stench when we opened the moldy fridge. If you haven't been following our home story, this was a repoed trailer we purchased and had set on our land. The middle picture shows laminate faux wood floor connecting to the dining room with no flooring but base boards. I wasn't digging the homemade island /table combo in the middle of the kitchen so that had to go.

Our kitchen renovation started by painting the preexisting blue walls Nova White. All major appliances were replaced with a stainless steel matching set. The island was removed and the hubby laid down Silver Oak hardwood laminate flooring. This kitchen has many cabinets and drawers, the rustic door opens to a pantry. So much space!

Here's my view from the kitchen into the dining room and living room. I can work in the kitchen and interact with family when they visit and fill up the rooms. The open space is pretty fluid flow with no obstructing walls, and I enjoy the unique peek a boo opening.

And then there's the view out of the kitchen window. Birds and nature abound outside the frame as I wash dishes and tend to my indoor garden starters. I hope you enjoyed the first installment of our home improvement projects. More room renovation will follow in the week.


  1. it looks wonderful!!

  2. I really love all the dusty gray tones you have. It's a beautiful kitchen!

  3. The redo on the kitchen looks amazing! I love the open concept! Looks so big! Wonderful!!



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