Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Greetings From Galveston

Early in March on a beautiful Spring morning we ventured out on a road trip that would lead us to the ocean. This was the first time we experienced Galveston together. We took 45 South which takes  us though Houston. The drive is more spectacular at night when all the buildings are lit up.


When we arrived in Galveston, we parked at Stewart Beach. Here there is a playground, building with a store, ice cream shop, restrooms, and a huge Adirondack chair to have an awesome photo opportunity. Along our walk toward Pleasure Pier we came across the memorial of  "Lil Jacob", an unidentified 3 yr old boy that was found onshore in late October last year.


The walk along the seawall provided beautiful and educational benches to rest on. Bright tiled mosaics with references to the structure of the seawall and historic era establishments. The last bench pictured is an ode to the Balinese Room a posh casino-dance hall in the 1940-1950s.


Murdoch's was originally a bathhouse in the early 1900's and had to be rebuilt several times due to Hurricanes throughout the years. All sorts of trinkets, souvenirs, and coastal flare are available in  this wrap around store. The porch which has a relaxing view of the Gulf provides a row of rocking chairs and a bar where you can sip, relax and take in the salt air.


 We finally made it to Pleasure Pier which was a long walk from where we parked. Even though me and the Hubby didn't go on rides we still had to pay $10.00 each just to be on the pier, that was a bit of a bummer. The kids rode rides, played games, and got temporary tattoos. Then we continued to stroll Galveston Seawall with a new friend in tow.


There are so many bright and vibrant paintings, art, and signs. I did not bring my camera this trip so these are what I captured on my phone. We ate at a spot called the The Gumbo Diner. The waitress's had such sweet southern hospitality and the vibe was great for family's. After we ate and rested for a bit we needed to make the long walk back to Stewart Beach were we parked.


The sand is a finer texture than the west coast and the shell variety is different as well. I have to admit this whole trip had us missing Santa Cruz and there were moments of sadness for what we had left behind in California. But the move to Texas is our new chapter and we have to look at the bigger picture of  the life we have here.


We rode off into the sunset headed back through the city that leads to the country which has us nestled in the woods.


  1. Thanks for taking us along on your Family Vacay to the Beach. Yes, being Homesick for what is left behind is the bittersweet part of moving anywhere. We still drive by our Historic Home anytime we're visiting the area it's in, like visiting an Old Friend but while meeting new ones in our new Life's Chapter. I think your big picture is a bright one, I'm so Happy for you!

  2. This sounds like a fun place to visit with lots of interesting things to do for the family. Love the "tea cup" picture, that's one for the fridge. And a pretty sunset with aqua tints. I'd loved to have seen the paintings and art. : )


  3. Tom and I have been to Galveston several times prior to the last devastating hurricane. Probably would not recognize it now. Have fun grandaughter

  4. What a gorgeous area! So much fun! I love all the little interesting "quirks". Very cool! I am so sorry about the little boy! Big Hugs!

  5. Love everything, especially the benches, and those glorious sunsets...

  6. Beautiful! And pretty darn good for a phone camera I must say. I really love the ohana alien picture.



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