Thursday, April 19, 2018

The Naming of Our Homestead

Inspiration struck out of the blue, no... more like the green of mother nature. I started off the morning watching wild crafting and foraging videos on YouTube. The wilderness outside my front and back door is so full of the unknown. What is medicinal, edible, poisonous! The Wild Women in me has re awoken and I'm continuing the journey of exploration in my own zone. If you haven't been a follower for long I went from .24 acres in Sacramento California to 2 acres in the woods in South East Texas, achieving that American dream of being debt free and owning everything outright. But that folks is a blog post for another day and time.

After studying a bit I walked outside, the whole vibe and hum was different today. Once my boots hit the landing of the stairs I became one with my land. The zonal scope you see in movies literally happened. All senses were heightened and tuned into the above and below. No psychedelics involved, I reached a point where my brain has done this on it's own...euphoria or zen. Whatever is happening I'm not going to argue with it, I fucken love this feeling! { if we were face to face I do tend to express my feelings with foul language, apologies if this if offensive but this is authentic}.

So back to the matter at hand. I strolled around identifying plants and trees, then I was scared shit less as the dogs barked and chased a rabbit that ran passed me and almost knocked me to the ground as it escaped the wrath of my fur babies. Catching my breath because I was caught off guard, I heard a small coughing noise, followed it and found a baby possum lost from its pack. Shot some video, posted on Instagram @gypsyspiritrising and then sighed out loud "this really is where the wild things are! "Where The Wild Things Are", yes! And then the Bryce Vine song played in my brain as I ran to google search if the name has been established as another homestead yet.

To my relief I found no other establishment or like wise claiming this name. Then I thought what would Maurice Sendak think, would he be okay with me using the name of one of his popular books? I spoke out loud and the google on my phone picked  up my out loud inquiry and this You Tube video started playing. Tears came outright because affirmation in the soul does such response.

So I guess I took the dive and got the inspirational blow to the head. I've communed with spirits before but it was mostly family, but to get a divine answer automatic like this occurred is some new and exciting stuff. Many spiritual awakenings have been tapped lately. Oh and the fact that it occurred at 1:43 is another significance in the angel number realm. Quick summary from Joann Sacred Scribes because she is my go to for the Angel messages.

ANGEL #143

Angel Number 143 encourages you to look at your current home and lifestyle and consider ways to uplift your environment in order to usher in more positive energies. Do not be afraid to express yourself with joy, optimism and creativity. Add beauty to your environment and everyday life.

So with that being said, and divine interventions coming into play to make my inspiration strike a go ,without further ado our humble beginnings of a homestead shall be named due to the many references of all that lives there from the plants, animals, and humans who reside there....

Where The Wild Things Are

p.s. now for a logo, oh hell I'll wait for another strike of inspo!


  1. My heart is smiling! I am so happy for you and your family!
    I to have been on a spiritual journey and things are coming together!
    Thank you for the beautiful picture and the video! No offence taken! Big Hugs!

  2. Glad you are enjoying your new home:)

  3. I think it is perfect! Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy!



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