Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The Winds Of Change

{ Photo via the web }

 October sure has been a whirl wind so far. I yearn for the above image to escape to. This Mama needs to just sit and  let all the swirl settle in my heart {in a gentle kind warm fuzzy assurance}. So here is what has been going on at Casa Sol Y Luna. We put our house up for sale last Monday and last night we chose a buyer. Yes folks in one week! Once potential buyers hit the back door the yard spoke to many hearts. In early November the caravan will be rambling along to our next destination South East Texas. My wonderfully awesome sister in-law is letting us land there as we scout out our next home and transplant ourselves into our new Texas homestead.

 That my friends was the wonderful news, now for the stuff that pulls at my heart strings. We will be leaving my eldest son behind with the tribe elders to finish school and get together a life plan. Education laws very by state, and I'm blessed to even have the option for him to complete his senior year and graduate on time.  If we're amigas on Facebook you have some depth into what has been going on around here. So now onto Halloween bits.

 Truly sorry I haven't been making the rounds on the blogs and participating in all the ghoulish spooky events occurring. No decorating in the home going on either, but my boxes of hallow decor will go to my sister to use for her Halloween birthday party, who knows maybe she will ask me to help spook up the place. One last trick or treating around my old stomping grounds will occur before we head out to the new frontier. I'm a ball of happy-sad everyday but have been holding myself together pretty well lately and I'm actually surprised with strength I didn't know exsisted until recently.

I leave you with a Harvest Moon pic, may the magic of October continue to fill the air and our souls.


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