Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Picture Poll

Can I ask a  small favor from you dear readers of mine, it will be painless I swear. I wanted to know if you could help me pick a picture to submit to a magazine contest. " I got as much chance as anybody else, right Grandpa Joe?" If you got that last phrase we are kindred spirits. This Gypsy has been on the road and shooting everything in site {with my Canon of course }, which I will share with you once all the home and school activities lull into summer break ....oh yeah it's almost here. Until then help a Mama out because I cannot decide which photo to summit and time is of the essence. Without further ado please pick a pic.

 1.  Pigeon Point Of View

2.  The Edge Of Earth

 3.  Bunker Hill On Devil's Slide

 4. Getting Around The City

 5. Cable Cars Of San Francisco

 6.  A Day In The Bay

Thanks in advance!